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The ICA Institute was founded in 2015 by two community activists who had long been involved with job placement and career counselling for the Hasidic community of Brooklyn. Together, they have placed over 500 people in jobs, while teaching over 1000 students career enhancing skills in courses like bookkeeping, computers, ESL, among others.


As the financial situation in the community deteriorated, they realized that more needed to be done, and upon the advice of their Grand Rabbi decided to join forces on a new project;Launching careers. Unlike a standard service job or detail job, with salary eventually capped at a level that couldn't adequately support a family, a career in a growing industry that requires specialized skills could provide a track to supporting a family in comfort.

This realization lead to founding of the institute for Career Advancement(ICA), a community career-training center dedicated to changing the financial future for anyone willing to put the work in.


The Ica

The ICA Team constantly is looking for and evaluates industries that fit the skill-sets, values, and lifestyle of the community, and they find the ones that are growing and facing a labor shortage. When one is found, they set up an intense, exhaustive, and professionally instructed and accredited accelerated course, one built to turn out capable and motivated graduates in as little time and as low-cost as possible. When it's complete, the graduates are ready to move into high-demand industries, and have the tools to empower themselves financially for the rest of their working lives.

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The ICA institute is effecting real, practical, and positive change on the ground in their community. And they can be a part of your story of financial empowerment too. Click the "Courses" tab above to find out if any of the current courses on offer fit your career goals.