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Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to join an ICA program. How do I apply?

The best way to get started would be to call the ICA office at 718-506-0912 to speak to an advisor. You can also email us at info@icainstitute.com.


Does the program schedule interfere with the Jewish calendar?

ICA programs are scheduled to fit within the busy months of the frum Jewish calendar. There are no classes for the full months of Tishrei and Nissan and classes never operate around any Yom Tov throughout the year.


Upon completing the program, will I be aided through the employment process?

Yes. At ICA, we pride ourselves on our 80% employment rate amongst our students. We are always available to guide you through the process and to prod you along the way toward the job of your dreams.


What is the duration of each program?

The average duration of most programs is about 10-14 months. Each program has its own timeline, so it’s important to inquire about the specific program you are interested in.


What are the options for payment?

We offer multiple payment options and plans, customizing your bottom-line payments according to your needs.


Are the classes conducted in person or online?

Depending on the curriculum, some classes are in-person classes, and some are done live over Zoom. Ask your advisor regarding the specific program you are interested in.


Is there assistance available in the event that I struggle to keep up?

For every program we run, we have a mentoring program set up along the way for students who are having difficulty following the program. If you experience trouble keeping up, your mentor will tap into which topic you are having a hard time with, and will guide you through it.


Which programs are available through ICA?

ICA features an extensive list of comprehensive programs to jumpstart your future career. The programs we currently offer include:

  • Software Development
  • Interior Design
  • Drafting
  • IT Desktop Support
  • Fashion Design
  • Early Childhood (Master’s Degree)
  • ABA (Master’s Degree)
  • Bachelor's Degree

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