Interior Design

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Interior Design Career Program

In this extensive course you will learn how to Design and Draft interior spaces it will cover many aspects in Residential Commercial and Retail.

The course was created by industry professional designers to have the students gain the most in the shortest time possible, the courses are given in the evening hours to enable the students to keep there jobs while they are studying.

Next Course Start Date: Dec, 15 2018 Registration Ends: Nov, 19 2018

ICA has developed a new and exciting Interior Design and Drafting Program which will enhance the skills of professionals across a variety of industries. The course is ideal for current, as well as aspiring, interior designers, kitchen designers, tile decor professionals, craftsmen, furniture dealers and many other individuals in related home creation and design jobs. 

The program will cover virtually every aspect of this track, including:

  • How to experience space
  • Utilizing Space for life
  • Comfortable Home Function
  • Designing Workspaces
  • Beautifying Public Spaces
  • The Emotional aspects of Interior Design
  • Understanding Furniture
  • Balancing Functionality with Beauty
  • Design Concepts & History

This program will also cover many aspects relating to textiles, materials, colors, design software and many other areas connected to the form, function, design and safety of the broader design industry. The comprehensive curriculum will cover all the fundamental disciplines necessary for a successful career, from historical styles to basic drafting, sketching and rendering, from understanding commercial and residential construction documents to mastering the abstract language and culture of the design world. All courses are taught by professional instructors who have a deep knowledge of the subjects at hand as well as a good rapport with the students they teach. Whether preparing to work at a company or go out and open a business of your own, this course will adequately prepare you with all the tools, resources and knowledge that you need to stand out and excel. 


This Course is completed in 10 months, Classes meet Sunday Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 till 9:30 PM.


The course takes place at 4013 15th ave Brooklyn NY 


The price for the Interior Design Career Program is $8,600.00 can be paid in 4 installments of $2,150.00 each, before classes begin and at the end of the first month, A $100 Registration Fee is required at the registration appointment.


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